Who was Miguel Trujillo? In the Words of his Granddaughter

How do you take the measure of a man, especially one as reticent about his history-making accomplishment as Miguel Trujillo? If you’ve never heard of Miguel or Trujillo v. Garley, the landmark 1948 case that provided Native Americans residing on tribal lands in New Mexico the right to vote, settle in for this intimate portrait…Read more

Trujillo v Garley: the Landmark Case for Native American Voting Rights in New Mexico

The right of every United States citizen to vote in local, state, and national elections is as American as the laws that have barred many groups from accessing the ballot box. Women, people of color, the unhoused––all have fought to claim their rightful place at the table of democracy. So, too, have Native Americans This…Read more

How to Write About Art and Environment with Emily Withnall, El Palacio

El Palacio, the official magazine of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, possesses an identity as vibrant as the art, history, and culture it chronicles. First distributed in 1913 as a thin pamphlet, the publication has evolved into the gorgeous print quarterly and digital asset it is today, thanks to the contributions of countless…Read more