Democracy is Indigenous: The Power of the Vote with Laura Harris

When Indigenous people vote, they honor their past and forge a better tomorrow for their communities. The act itself, however, remains a complicated exercise. Indigenous voters must contend with a history of colonial rule, the goal of which was to eradicate their way of life, as well as present-day attempts by self-styled “poll watchers” to…Read more

You Can Make a Difference in Your Community with Kara Bobroff

Can one person truly make a difference in the lives of the following generations? If you’re familiar with the story of Miguel Trujillo, you know the answer is a resounding “Yes!”  For those new here, welcome to episode five of Encounter Culture's collaboration with the New Mexico History Museum exploring Native voting issues before and…Read more

A Generational Shift: Exploring Citizenship and Identity with Dr. Porter Swentzell

The relatively new political philosophy by which the United States governs its people differs quite radically from how Native people have governed themselves for millennia. That said, Indigenous folks who are members of federally recognized tribes can participate in elections for both. How do they maintain tribal sovereignty while engaging in Western-style democracy––a system with…Read more