#10: Listen, and Speak the Truth: Collaborating Through Conversation on the Bosque Redondo Memorial with Manuelito Wheeler and Aaron Roth

Conversations worth having never come easy. Perhaps that’s why previous attempts to present a complete history of the Bosque Redondo Indian Reservation, an inhospitable million-acre concentration camp into which thousands of Navajo and Mescalero Apache people were forcibly relocated by the US government in the1860s, fell short. The primarily white cohort of state employees who…Read more

#9: It Does Take Money: The Economic Impact of Art with Michelle Laflamme-Childs, New Mexico Arts and Rose Eason, gallupARTS

Wherever there are people, there is art. Sadly, wherever there is art, there are few creatives who can earn a living solely from their work. Nowhere are those facts more apparent than in New Mexico, one of the most rural states in the Union, yet one laden with artistic riches.  Encounter Culture host Charlotte Jusinski…Read more

#8: What’s Important is the Art: The Legacy of Elaine Horwitch, Southwest Rising with Dr. Julie Sasse

In a fitting close to Encounter Culture’s inaugural season, host Charlotte Jusinski returns to where it began. The New Mexico Museum of Art’s exhibition Southwest Rising: Contemporary Art and the Legacy of Elaine Horwitch celebrates the woman responsible for launching this region’s contemporary art movement into the stratosphere. Joining Charlotte to dish on the legendary…Read more