Geology in New Mexico with a Side Gig in Space with Jayne Aubele and Dr. Larry Crumpler

Crusty, craggy, stretchy. No, you haven’t accidentally queued up an episode on pizza dough making. Those adjectives also apply to the geologically vibrant landscape of New Mexico, the land of a thousand volcanoes.  Encounter Culture host Charlotte Jusinski invited Jayne Aubele and Dr. Larry Crumpler, two geologists working with the New Mexico Museum of Natural…Read more

Healthy Escapism: The State Library for the Blind and Print Disabled with Tim Donahue and Berdina Nieto

What’s your favorite form of escapism? Travel, gaming, dining out––they’re all great fun. But their indulgence often requires money or privilege. Reading is the one form of escapism that just about anyone can practice, regardless of income. Even so, roadblocks keep many folks from getting lost in a traditionally printed book.  Thankfully for New Mexicans,…Read more

Art That Is For Everyone: Cristina González and Katie Doyle, Vladem Contemporary

In the Summer of 2023, the New Mexico Museum of Art will open its highly anticipated exhibition space, Vladem Contemporary, in Santa Fe’s Railyard District. Those who remember the Railyard as a dusty parking lot for locomotives often marvel at the speed of its transformation into a vibrant community gathering space. There’s a LEED-certified farmer’s…Read more