Science Fiction for Social Justice: Fronteras del Futuro at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum with Jadira Gurulé and Augustine Romero

What does the future hold? Apocalypse or idyll? Robots or retro tech? Artists have asked that question for millennia and responded with wildly inventive, often provocative works. Fronteras del Futuro: Art In New Mexico And Beyond at the art museum at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque brings several dozen cosmic possibilities together in…Read more

What Have the Trees Seen? New Mexico Folklore at Los Luceros Historic Site with Carly Stewart and Rebecca Ward

October may reign supreme as the spookiest season, but ghosts roam the picturesque grounds of Los Luceros all year round––or so say Carly Stewart, Site Manager, and Rebecca Ward, Instructional Coordinator, of the culturally significant and geographically secluded property. In part one, Encounter Culture host Charlotte Jusinski and her guests introduced audiences to the epic…Read more

Everything Past is Present at Los Luceros Historic Site with Rebecca Ward and Carly Stewart

Everything past is always present in New Mexico, especially the stories embedded in its land and architecture. People here are as passionate about the state’s hard-working historical buildings as they are about a modest 150-year-old neighborhood adobe. At Los Luceros, New Mexico’s newest historic site, “now” and “then” mingle on 140+ bucolic acres stretching along…Read more