Look Up! Leo Villareal’s Astral Array at New Mexico Museum of Art Vladem Contemporary 

What would it be like to see a symphony? How can you capture the rhythm of waves or a murmuration in constellations of light? If anyone can offer a visual representation of multi-sensory experiences, multimedia artist Leo Villareal can. As Villareal shares in his conversation with Encounter Culture host, Emily Withnall, “I think of my…Read more

Listen to the Land: Art at Bosque Redondo with Dakota Mace, Daisy Trudell-Mills, and Kéyah Keenan Henry

Indigo, cochineal, red earth, and corn pollen: these are among some of the traditional materials used in the art of Dakota Mace (Diné), Kéyah Keenan Henry (Diné), and Daisy Trudell-Mills (Santee Dakota, Mexican, and Jewish) in the Naaldeeh exhibition at the Bosque Redondo Memorial. Dakota Mace is a nationally renowned artist and instructor at the…Read more

Dusty Mesas & Accessible Art: Introducing Our New Host, Emily Withnall

Meet Emily Withnall, the new editor of El Palacio Magazine and your new podcast host of Encounter Culture.  As a journalist and writer—and New Mexican, first of all—Emily is acquainted with all facets of the magazine publishing process. In conversation with Andrea Klunder, producer and lead editor for Encounter Culture, Emily talks about her love of audio storytelling that goes all the way back to growing up on radio. With Encounter Culture, she strives for captivating storytelling with just the right amount of wandering.Read more