All Roads Lead to Chocolate: Origins of Cacao in Chaco Canyon with Dr. Patricia Crown and Jay Shapiro

Is there a food more universally loved than chocolate? No other ingredient lends itself to savory, sweet, and even alcoholic applications, tempting folks in everything from molten cakes to moles to Martinis.  Chocolate—or, more specifically, cacao—has been processed and consumed in Mesoamerica for millennia. In Chocolate: The Exhibition, which opens on June 17 at the…Read more

Rooted in Tradition, Focused on the Future: Celebrating The National Hispanic Cultural Center with Dr. Margie Huerta and Noël Bella Merriam

Is it possible for an arts organization to respect the hallowed neighborhood in which it resides and be future-focused? Could it serve as a cultural home for locals while attracting worldwide attention? Can its campus reverberate with the buzz of performances, exhibitions, and events yet provide space for quiet contemplation? If the arts organization in…Read more

#11: History For Folks Who Don’t Like History at the New Mexico Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum with Heather Reed

As humans, we learn best when we don't realize that learning is taking place. We’re naturally drawn to hands-on displays and curious about reenactments. We can recall tiny details from those experiences more enthusiastically than the rote memorization of our school days.  Heather Reed is convinced that more people love history than let on precisely…Read more