Art That Is For Everyone: Cristina González and Katie Doyle, Vladem Contemporary

In the Summer of 2023, the New Mexico Museum of Art will open its highly anticipated exhibition space, Vladem Contemporary, in Santa Fe’s Railyard District. Those who remember the Railyard as a dusty parking lot for locomotives often marvel at the speed of its transformation into a vibrant community gathering space. There’s a LEED-certified farmer’s…Read more

Discovering Delight with Rachel Preston: Celebrating the Girard Wing’s 40th Anniversary at the Museum of International Folk Art

Take a trip through Santa Fe, and you’ll undoubtedly notice that this city wears its design diversity with pride. From centuries-old adobe structures to modern, inventive multipurpose spaces, Santa Fe’s distinctive mix of architectural styles succeeds at paying homage to tradition while embracing the future. It’s an embarrassment of riches, really, and luckily for us,…Read more

Science Fiction for Social Justice: Fronteras del Futuro at the National Hispanic Cultural Center Art Museum with Jadira Gurulé and Augustine Romero

What does the future hold? Apocalypse or idyll? Robots or retro tech? Artists have asked that question for millennia and responded with wildly inventive, often provocative works. Fronteras del Futuro: Art In New Mexico And Beyond at the art museum at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque brings several dozen cosmic possibilities together in…Read more