#2: Sacred Toilet Paper and Santa Corona: The Museum of International Folk Art’s #mask with Santero Arthur López

Masks have become ubiquitous in the last 18 months. In a pinch, they can be constructed out of inexpensive, repurposed materials, while their use (or lack thereof) can provide commentary on how the wearer feels about politics, responsibility, and design––a lot like art. Host Charlotte Jusinski introduces listeners to #mask: Creative Responses to the Global…Read more

#1: The Fragility of Breathing: The New Mexico Museum of Art’s Breath Taking with Artist Cynthia Greig

Breath. Prior to 2020, most people didn't give the complex, involuntary act of breathing much thought. Times have changed. So, too, has the lens through which both audiences and artists view Breath Taking, a new exhibit at the New Mexico Museum of Art. Encounter Culture host Charlotte Jusinski, the editor of El Palacio magazine, welcomes…Read more