#5: An Underground Love Affair, The Palace Seen and Unseen with Archaeologists Cordelia Snow & Stephen Post

If Santa Fe held an election to decide the city's official meme, “I rebuilt the Palace of the Governors at my own expense” would surely garner a hefty number of votes. Various governors––Spanish, Mexican, and American––over the last 400 years have uttered versions of that phrase, highlighting their individual efforts to remodel and repair the…Read more

#4: Failure and Flow with Glass Artist Robert ‘Spooner’ Marcus, Clearly Indigenous at Museum of Indian Arts and Culture

Glass isn’t typically the first material that folks associate with Indigenous artwork. And yet, the medium lends itself well to unique cultural interpretations, combining fundamental elements of earth, air, and fire with generational artistry. Native artists have been drawn to glassblowing since the 1970s, utilizing it to reinterpret traditional forms and tell thoroughly modern stories.…Read more

#3: The Promise of a Photo with Anthropologist Robert Quintana Hopkins and Archivist Hannah Abelbeck, New Mexico Museum History Museum

If a picture is worth a thousand words, who gets to craft that narrative? How does their version compare to others, and what does it tell us about the subject? An era? Ourselves?  Host Charlotte Jusinski and her guest Hannah Abelbeck, archivist at the New Mexico History Museum’s Palace of the Governors Photo Archives, explore…Read more