Meet Emily Withnall, the new editor of El Palacio Magazine and your new podcast host of Encounter Culture

As a journalist and writer—and New Mexican, first of all—Emily is acquainted with all facets of the magazine publishing process. In conversation with Andrea Klunder, producer and lead editor for Encounter Culture, Emily talks about her love of audio storytelling that goes all the way back to growing up on radio. With Encounter Culture, she strives for captivating storytelling with just the right amount of wandering. 

Emily is passionate about artists experimenting with public spaces, making art more accessible and less intimidating. Wearing the hats of El Palacio editor and Encounter Culture host, she wants to expand the magazine’s conversations into the podcast and also invite more Indigenous writers and artists to join in. 


EC0308: How to Write About Art and Environment with Emily Withnall, El Palacio
EC0307: Geology in New Mexico with a Side Gig in Space with Jayne Aubele and Dr. Larry Crumpler
EC0305: Art That Is For Everyone: Cristina González and Katie Doyle, Vladem Contemporary
EC0302: What Have the Trees Seen? New Mexico Folklore at Los Luceros Historic Site with Carly Stewart and Rebecca Ward
“The Feather Thief” on This American Life
Will Schwarz’s Sunday Puzzle
Latino USA with Maria Hinojosa
Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman
Cristina González at Vladem Contemporary

Emily Withnall in El Palacio Magazine:

Writing Ourselves Back Into the Story
A New Mexican Love Story
In Conversation with the Sea
The Punchline at the End of Art
Embroidering the Canon
Native Tongues: Photographing the Navajo Code Talkers
The Right to Remember
Return of the Chongo Brothers
Dance of the Monarch
Turning Toward the Taproot
Six Ways to Research Your New Mexico Family History

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Encounter Culture, a production of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, is produced and edited by Andrea Klunder at The Creative Impostor Studios.
Hosted by Emily Withnall, Editor at El Palacio Magazine
Executive Producer: Daniel Zillmann
Technical Director & Post-Production Audio: Edwin R. Ruiz
Recording Engineer: Kabby at Kabby Sound Studios in Santa Fe
Editor & Production Manager: Alex Riegler
Theme Music: D’Santi Nava
Instagram: @newmexicanculture
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