Jemez Historic Site, like all of New Mexico’s Historic Sites and museums, offers unique historical and cultural perspectives on the deep and wide-ranging communities, languages, and traditions across the state. And while New Mexico contains a complicated and layered history, these Sites not only honor history but vibrant and ongoing cultures that continue to this day. 

Marlon Magdalena, the Instructional Coordinator Supervisor at Jemez Historic Site and member of the Jemez Pueblo, says that all aspects of his community, currently and in the past, are important. 

“My primary goal is just to tell people who the Jemez people are–that we’re people that are still around. We’re Indigenous people, Native American people, that we still exist. We’re still here. And we still have our languages, we still have our language, we have our culture traditions.” 

In this episode of Encounter Culture, Marlon Magdalena shares his knowledge of the night skies, his perspective on the Pueblo Revolt, and his flute making and flute playing. Notably, Marlon played with Clark Tenakhongva and Matthew Nelson of Öngtupqa in the United Arab Emirates. Clark and Matthew’s music (featuring Gary Stroutsos on flute) is featured throughout season 4 of Encounter Culture, which tells the story of Miguel Trujillo. 


Jemez Historic Site
Pueblo of Jemez
Öngtupqa music trio
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